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Our Expertise

The founders of Ramos & Artal LLC are renowned for their command of and experience with commercial law, dispute resolution and effective case management. During Hon. Ramos' (Ret.) thirty-five years as a judge, he presided over bench and jury trials, decided close to 30,000 motions, disposed of 14,000 matters including 10,000 commercial cases, and all international arbitration matters filed
in the State of New York since 2014. Orna Artal, Esq. has extensive experience managing, analyzing, adjudicating and resolving complex commercial matters.

Our Story

Ramos & Artal LLC aspires to be the foremost alternative dispute resolution firm in New York City dedicated to the fair, efficient and innovative resolution of international business disputes. The firm was founded by Judge Charles E. Ramos, the recently retired senior judge of the Commercial Division in the New York Supreme Court, largely recognized as the leading commercial court in the world, and Orna Artal, Esq., his long-time principal law clerk. Both have a unique understanding of the complexities of business disputes and the impact of rising costs and uncertainties of traditional litigation. The firm’s vision is to confront these challenges outside of the courtroom by combining our legal expertise, innovative case management, high professional and ethical standards, responsiveness, and attention to cost-effectiveness in order to achieve fair settlements and awards.

Our People

Charles Ramos

Judge Charles E. Ramos co-founded Ramos & Artal LLC after serving as a Supreme Court Judge in New York County for thirty-one years, including twenty-three years in the Commercial Division until his retirement in 2018. He remains deeply involved with the Commercial Division and continues to preside over commercial matters filed in New York State Supreme Court, upon the consent of the parties as a Judicial Hearing Officer.

Prior to serving on the bench, Judge Ramos worked as a commercial litigator as a senior partner at Benedict Ginsburg and Charles E. Ramos PC.

Judge Ramos serves on the Advisory Council to the Commercial Division, the Working Group on Electronic Discovery, and the Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts, as a representative of commercial judges in the United States.

Judge Ramos has also been the recipient of numerous awards. The Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association recognized Judge Ramos for his development of commercial law and dedication to the practice and procedures of the Commercial Division by twice awarding him with the prestigious Fuld Award. He is the 2019 recipient of the Annual Award from the International Section of the New York Bar Association for distinction in International Law. He was also named one of the 500 “Leading Judges of America” by Lawdragon.

Judge Ramos has been recognized for his innovative case management. During his thirty-five year tenure on the bench, Judge Ramos decided close to 30,000 motions, disposed of 14,000 matters including over 10,000 commercial cases. He has presided over bench and jury trials, and settled thousands of cases. Since 2014, he has presided over all international arbitration matters filed in the State of New York.

Judge Ramos serves as a Judicial Hearing Officer in the Commercial Division and has now been included in the database of arbitrators of the London Court of International Arbitration, and conducts non-administered arbitrations.

Judge Ramos has presided over numerous significant cases and issued landmark rulings, including: link to PDF doc

Orna Artal

Orna Artal, Esq. is the co-founder of Ramos & Artal LLC. She served as Justice Ramos’s Principal Law Clerk in the Commercial Division of New York County for over a decade.

Her expertise covers numerous sectors within commercial law including insurance and reinsurance coverage, securities, finance, art law, banking, real estate transactions, construction, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, professional malpractice, business dissolution, mergers and acquisitions, international and domestic arbitration, business torts and fraud, international law, and Nazi-looted art claims.

While serving as Justice Ramos’s Principal Law Clerk, she drafted and supervised attorneys drafting thousands of judicial opinions in complex commercial actions, many of which have been published by the State Reporter. She also supervised discovery in thousands of cases, including complex multi-party lawsuits with electronic and expert discovery issues. She frequently assisted parties to efficiently resolve their discovery issues and implement cost- saving measures.

Ms. Artal serves as a mediator on the New York Supreme Court Commercial Division ADR Roster. She has a deep understanding of the complexities of legal issues and is adept at assisting the parties to develop solutions to reach a fair resolution on even the most contentious issues. Her approach allows her to build a rapport with the parties while maintaining neutrality, integrity and a keen sensitivity to cultural uniqueness.

Ms. Artal is the editor of the NYLitigator, a publication of the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association. She also serves as co-chair of the Publications Committee, and is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution and International Law Sections.

Our Services

Our practitioners are available to serve as neutrals to resolve business disputes in a variety of capacities
including as arbitrators, mediators, neutral evaluators, discovery referees, special masters, deal facilitators
and settlement implementers.

commercial arbitration

Expeditious, focused and transparent.

International & domestic commercial arbitration administered by the LCIA and non-administered arbitrations

dispute resolution

Committed, responsive and cost-efficient.

Assisting the parties to reach a negotiated settlement, sensibly managing and supervising complex discovery issues, and reducing the cost of dispute resolution by early assessment of the merits and implementation of cost-efficient protocols.


Perfecting our game.

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  • "On behalf of all counsel, I would like to thank Ms. Artal as mediator for herculean efforts that greatly contributed to the completion of this important matter."

  • "Judge Ramos carefully considers the applicable law and evidence in reaching his determination."

  • "Please thank Justice Ramos for bringing his years of knowledge and expertise to the table to assist the parties in resolving this matter."

How to File Your Arbitration Case With Us

If your contract contains an arbitration clause that does not name an arbitral body and both parties consent to appointment of Ramos & Artal LLC as arbitrator, either side may contact us by email and indicate in the subject line that you wish to submit a claim to arbitration.

All parties must be copied on communications. In order to proceed, the following documents must be submitted by email to info@ramosartal.com:

  • Notice of Arbitration and/or Statement of a Claim explaining the nature of the dispute, the relief requested and the identity of the individuals and parties involved.
  • The contract with the arbitration clause
  • Any supporting documents or exhibits

The arbitration shall be deemed to have been commenced on the date the Notice of Arbitration and/or Statement of a Claim is received by the respondent.

Within a few days of receiving the Notice of Arbitration and/or Statement of a Claim, you will receive an email communication from us acknowledging receipt of the filing, and containing information relating to fees and scheduling.

If a party is in need of emergency relief and the arbitration clause does not exclude it, notice may be given by email simultaneously with initiation of a case or at any time after the case has been filed with us, with all parties copied. In the email, the requesting party must set forth the nature of the emergency relief sought, and the reasons why the party is entitled to such emergency relief.

Arbitration and Mediation of Disputes.

Any dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement or the breach thereof shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with this provision. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. The parties shall select a single arbitrator from Ramos & Artal LLC (RA) or its successor, who shall be deemed acceptable to both parties, within 14 calendar days after notice of a claim has been initiated. Such arbitration shall be administered by RA or its successor in accordance with its own commercial arbitration rules (unless both parties consent to other procedures). The dispute shall be heard and determined before a single arbitrator. The arbitrator shall permit the filing of and make rulings upon a dispositive motion if the arbitrator determines that the motion is likely to succeed and dispose of or narrow the issues in the case.

The arbitration will be held in New York, New York, or such other place as may be agreed upon at the time by the parties to the arbitration. The parties shall bear their own expenses in connection with any arbitration arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

The parties may also submit their controversy to private confidential non-binding mediation administered by RA or its successor. Absent an agreement of the parties to the contrary, the mediation shall take place concurrently with the arbitration and shall not serve to delay arbitration proceedings.

Note- if the parties wish to preserve their right to apply to the arbitrator for interim relief, the following should be added to the arbitration clause:

Either party may apply to the arbitrator to seek to enjoin preliminarily or permanently any breach or threatened breach of the other parties’ obligations. The arbitrator may take whatever interim measures the arbitrator deems necessary including issuing an interim award, and granting temporary, preliminary, or permanent injunctive relief or any other form of equitable relief. The arbitrator may also require security for the costs of such measures.

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